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   How do I know if my roof needs to be replaced?


There area many indications that your Roofing system needs to be replaced. these include, 

-old weathered shingles that are brittle to the touch and are missing a lot of granules.

-You may be missing shingles, shingles could be boiled, blistered.

-Excess moss, could cause water infiltration allowing water and moisture to damn up, causing moisture issues with nails and water going up and under the shingles.

-You may have areas in between trusses where there is sagging, you will have a lot of soft spots on -your roof, including rotted sections. (facia boards etc.)

-You will notice stains on your Ceiling and or walls. there will be water damage inside your home.

   How Much is a Roof Replacement?

  average price for 1 bundle of IKO, Dynasty Armourzone Granite Black 33.3 square feet / bundle 


Three Bundles = 100 square ft which = 1 roofing square.

Three Bundles = A Roofing Square. A 20 Square Home Would be minimum $2652 not including bundles for hips and valleys which adds more. up to 15% 

Synthetic Underlayment can range from $100 to over $200 a roll Covering an average of 1000 square feet. meaning a house on average would use about 1 to 3 rolls. 

In General all of the prices vary, a free quote is quick and easy. as there are a plethora of materials used in your Roofing System, with a ton of variety within also. Varied by Quality and Pricing. 

Prices can Range from the smallest jobs $1 to $30,000 

including labor / material / dump fee

   How long does a Roof Replacement take?

Weather dependent, A roof replacement can be done within 2 days to about a week average.

   What type of materials should I use?

Now that your ready for a New Roof, you may be lost as to what kind of materials you might want to use. and whether there is a difference in the types of shingles or not. You may be considering entirely different roofing system options. Changing from shingles to metal etc. There are many different types of materials which vary in quality and pricing. contact us and we can asses what you are looking for. 

   Can I Replace a Roof Myself?

It is highly recommended that you hire a Professional Roofing Contractor. Having completed countless re-roofs a professional will be able to, Order the right amount of materials, and quality.

Have a Garbage Bin Disposal system set in place to remove all the waste material. Safely set up Anchors and fall arrest systems for the entirety of the job, properly and safely. Have systems in place in order to load a roof with Materials including shingles and underlayment.

Be able to remove shingles in steep areas or near edges. install underlayment/shingles properly in hard to reach areas, only accessible by scaffolding, JLG, or Fall arrest and Bracket and plank systems.

When not installed by professionals, protrusions in a roof including vents and chimneys are common areas that have installation issues causing potential leaks. also installing valley metal properly, using ice and water protection. Ensuring proper shingle installation, starting a proper stair case in order to have proper shingle spacing so the correct nail positioning wont be affected by end of the shingle lapping onto a nail. 

Setting up Extension ladders, positioning heavy materials while on the roof. Having systems in place to prevent dropped objects and having a safe work environment, comes naturally to a Professional Roofing Contractor.  Although possible for oneself to accomplish a Re-Roof it is not recommended. 

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